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Creator of dreams since 1993


There's no boundaries

At ISM Art & Design, our imagination is boundless. Our enthusiastic visual-arts team has a magic touch. It’s not surprising that companies, boutiques and major shopping centres across Quebec and Ontario have been giving us their trust for over 20 years.

While our specialty is Holiday decor, our creativity does not end there. We put our expertise to work for our customers all year long, for festivals, promotional window displays and permanent installations.
ISM Art & Design offers a world of possibilities and all ideas are warmly welcomed. Each project is taken up with flexibility and an open mind. Example: you want to create an integrated visual marketing campaign? Feel free to buy non-exclusive rights to our characters for your promotional purposes.

Our turnkey and made-to-measure service is here to make your life easier. Whatever your budget, we have the solution—as well as ideas on how to make it a reality.

• Design consultation ;
• Graphic design ;
• Illustrations ;
• 3D modelling ;
• Decor design and production ;
• 3D accessory design and fabrication ;
• Costume sewing and fabrication ;
• Visual presentation and displays ;
• Installation ;
• Decor freshening up ;
• Decor storage.
From the beginning, innovation has been at the heart of our business philosophy. Year after year, we have introduced new materials and technologies for more impressive creations. We proudly offer exclusive high-quality products at competitive prices. Manufactured in Quebec, all our decor components are durable, versatile and simple to install.
Our team is made up of experienced artists and designers who are overflowing with talent and creativity. They are always on the lookout for new trends and know how to bring ideas to life to spectacular effect. That’s why our Santa’s Villages cause a buzz every year. The playful characters we create appeal to both young and old. And our contemporary settings are an illustration of our team’s impressive versatility.

Try us. You’re sure to love us!